About Us

FRV is a leading global operator specializing in the complete management of solar assets for the generation of electricity using the sun as its source. Since it was founded in 2006, FRV has developed and constructed over 500MW of solar projects and has managed numerous plants based on photovoltaic and solar thermal technologies.

Its activities are focused on the development, construction, financing, operation and maintenance of solar plants as part of a portfolio of projects that are both technologically and geographically diversified.

With current offices in Spain, Italy, Australia, Dubai, South Africa, Brazil and Mexico, FRV is focused on new markets where there is a need for energy capacity and where solar energy makes the most sense. FRV had a strong presence in the United States prior to selling its US business unit in 2011.

The company currently has a global staff of approximately 40 people who are working on a development pipeline of around 3GW, managing the construction of a number of large scale facilities, including the 56MW Moree Solar Farm, in New South Wales, and who operate and maintain over 185 MW of solar plants.

FRV’s global approach, long-term commitment, and use of efficient and diverse technologies make FRV a leader and a benchmark company in the solar industry.

Over 360 Mw fully developed
  • 141.4 MWp developed, constructed and in operation in Spain
  • 45.3 Mwp developed, constructed and in operation in Italy
  • 76.1 MW developed, constructed and in operation in USA
  • 100 MW CSP developed and under construction in Spain
  • 20 MW developed, constructed and in operation in Australia
  • 56MW under construction in Australia
  • 70 MW developed and under construction in Uruguay
Over 2,750 Mw developed
  • 250.0 MWp in Spain (11.5 MWp currently assigned)
  • 250.0 MWp in Italy
  • 1.5 GW in USA, 291.0 of them with PPA executed (sold)
  • 180.0 MWp in Australia pre-assigned
  • Analysing opportunities in India, South Africa, MENA, and LATAM ( > 450 MW)
  • 150 CSP MW in Spain
Over 185 Mw under management
  • 141.4 MWp under management in Spain
  • 45.3 MWp under management in Italy
Over 205 Mw sold
  • 29.3 Mwp divested in Italy
  • 76.1 Mw divested in US
  • 100.0 CSP Mw divested in Spain
  • Team approx. 40 Employees
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